WF PSA Medical Oxygen Generator

PSA Integrated Oxygen Generator(Modular Design)

Revolutionary design for the large-scale oxygen generator

PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) is the most economical, efficient as well as the safest way for oxygen generation. The PSA technology has been added in many nations’ pharmacopoeia and has become one of the most popular approaches to supply oxygen for the hospitals. Applying the pressure swing adsorption principle, the PSA oxygen generation system has the ability to separate oxygen from the other gases in air. The purity of the output oxygen satisfies the international standards and regulations, which include ISO10083, YY/T0298-1998 and WS1-XG-008-2012. Meditech follows these standards and regulations strictly to ensure that the quality of the oxygen produced is odour free, safe to use and the purity is up to the medical requirement of 93±3% .


MD Central Monitoring and Control System


Data acquisition with integrated sensors, Intelligent analysis,constant feedback loop generated within the control system to optimise and stabilise the purity of the oxygen output.Operate the most appropriate number of machines efficiently according to the oxygen demand.

Controlled On/Off cycles to reduce the energy consumption and increase the efficiency.

Ensure that the performance of each equipment is optimized in order to increase the durability of the machines and reduce the frequent service.

Intelligent central control Concise and interactive interface of touch screen Stable and reliable automated control

Mobile oxygen generation system

For disaster rescue, field hospital

Consume as you go

System fixed in container

Plug and play

Pipeline connectivity ready, instant oxygen supply

Independent power supply

Optional power generator

Pressure control

Freely switch between high /low pressure modes

Mobile oxygen generation system(Leasable, on trailer)

For mining, temporary field hospital and operating theater

Trailer design

System and pipeline fixed on trailer, plug and play

Variety of choices

High pressure/low pressure models available

Independent power supply

Optional power generator

Optimized configuration

Integrated design

Typical Schemes 1

Typical Schemes 2

Typical Schemes 3

Typical Schemes 4

Customised PSA Oxygen System

Schematic drawing of installationfor the oxygen generation system


Type Oxygen flowrate(m2m) Oxygen purity(%) Oxygen pressure(MPa) Noise level dB(A) L·W”H(mm) Weight(Kg) Power supply Power(Kw)
WF-200 8 93±3% 0.45 ≤75 530*860*1780 310 AC220V 50Hz/AC110V 60Hz ≤48
WF-300 10 430
WF-600 15 760*860*1780 480
WF-700 20 980*860*1780 620
WF-800 25 1200*860*1780 756
WF-900 30 1420*860*1780 920
WF-1000 35 1120*1380*1820 1160
WF-1200 40 1400*1380*1820 1200
WF-1500 45 1320
WF-2000 50 1650*1380*1820 1480
WF-2500 60 1610