Ozone Water Treatment Collaborated Project by Ausmedi and Nano

The Ozone Water Treatment Project was initiated by Nano Bubble Technologies (NBT); Meditech as a major system gas supplier has worked closely with them. On 29 Jan 2019, both parties’ professionals were gathered in Sydney, where the head quarter of NBT is located to finalize the most crucial installations and the entire system configuration as well as pneumatic system optimization. 



Frank, the Head of Technology of Meditech, led the Ausmedi technical team members to the head quarter of NBT on 29 Jan 2019. The mission of this visit was to provide on-site technical supports for optimizing and help merging the oxygen generator to the entire Ozone water treatment operation. After the careful session of inspection, Frank concluded with two suggestions regarding to the stabilization and durability concerns on the oxygen supply system: 1. An 1m3 oxygen buffer tank needs to be added, to avoid frequent on/off cycles; 2. The forced ventilation system should be installed to improve the internal compartment cooling; this would help maintaining the good quality of air intake. Furthermore, a comprehensive training regarding to the installation and maintenance of the oxygen generator was demonstrated to the engineers from NBT.



This project can be referred as the commercial benchmarking project in the Australia water treatment industry. The basic principle is as follow: part of the oxygen from the oxygen generator is used to synthesize ozone whereas the rest of oxygen is mixed with ozone; and then the gas mixture solution is injected into waste water in the form of nano bubble(s).


In this project, Ausmedi is responsible for providing the oxygen supply system. The whole ozone water treatment system is integrated into a container, making it convenient and flexible for transportation and installation. The integrated system benefits itself from being operational at any place any time; potential a great prototype for curing the rural marine disasters which might be caused by oil spills and pollutions. The oxygen supply system which was installed utilizes the most advanced patented PSA technology, delivering reliable oxygen with high purity. The most scientific and eco-friendly way to treat waste water shall be rewarded by both Ausmedi’s and Nanobubble’s remarkable and patented technologies.


As being the first and only comprehensive oxygen solutions manufacturer in Australia, Ausmedi capability to produce high quality oxygen is second to none. Based on the cutting-edge technologies, outstanding products and superb quality as well as exceptional after sales service, Meditech has developed into a world-class oxygen solution provider and a company par excellence in the oxygen supply industry. Providing customers with high-quality products and services is always our priority. Innovation, practicality, excellence -Meditech!