Meditech Attended Veterinary Association Annual Conference

Both the 2nd Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Veterinary Association Annual Conference, and the 8th Pets and Vets Industrial Development Summit were held in Shenzhen, China.


This annual conference was fully sponsored by Meditech and invited top professionals as well as top lectures across the China Macao Clinical Veterinary Association,multiple major Vets Association from Taiwan(China), Hong Kong Veterinary Society of China and multiple franchised vets’ clinics.

This conference became one of the most influencing annual events in Chia,and plus it is a non-profit, public welfare exhibition for sharing technical and medical prototypes.


Meditech is a well-known leader in providing advanced oxygen solution to the pets and vets industries;the Meditech showroom had all the attention fron the participates. Meditch had professional discussion with leading professionals regarding to the trend of oxygen solution in the field as well as sharing valuable development ideas to interested participates.

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The world leading features of oxygen generation can all be seen and impressed at a glance in the Meditech showroom, these include the all-in-one design, compact in size,energy efficient,ultra-low noise configuration, light in weight which are not seen in traditional PSA oxygen generation system. The core technologies had been holding Meditch in high regard.

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Meditech sponsored an extra seminar venue for holding a grant platform for medical konwledge challenging and lecturing. The industrial elites and professors had demonstration and lecturing session on the spot for the 600 participates which the topics include ultrasonic imaging, blood testing,general practice, Ophthalmology and Orthopaedics.

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The industrial elites and professors gathered together in annual conference dinner.

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Speeches by industrial elites and professors:



General Manager Xue Ping presented the Outstanding Veterinarian Award as a special guest:

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Meditech was granted Gold Member Award:

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With the annual conference coming to an end, a whole new journey begins! Meditech promise to keep up with the enterprise spirit of innovation and excellence for the oxygen generation system and to eventually contribute the benefits of creativity to China and the rest of the world.