HK Government Oxygen Generation Tender AWARDED to HK Meditech

The beginning of 2019 keeps the good news rolling for Meditech; after the strong appeal of Meditech with tens of  large orders received during  the Arab health expo, plus signing multiple international distributors, here we welcome another great news from HK Meditech which was awarded the HK Government Oxygen Generation Project.


The agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation (AFC) department in Hong Kong was impressed with the novelty of Meditech oxygen solutions back in November 2016; and after competing globally with well-known oxygen suppliers, Meditech was finally awarded to the oxygen generation project. Few years later now, attributes of our oxygen generation system such as high quality, ultra-durable, highly reliable were fully recognised by the department. Plus, our bonus features of supplying constant high purity of oxygen and prompt call out services during these years, Meditech had won great respects from the department.  

Due to the expansion of the Hong Kong AFC project in 2019, the need for increasing the oxygen volume is required; and Meditech was the very first party to get invited for this tender. 

On one hand, Meditech is able to develop the highly intelligent all-in-one oxygen generation system with modular design, unique ventilation layout, ultra-quiet, and more energy efficient; making the Meditech’s end product even more compact, lighter and more convenient for transportation installation compared to traditional oxygen generators. 

On the other hand, Meditech owns the very first  “Remote monitor and central control system”, allowing end users to monitor and control the oxygen generation systems with just a click on the mobile phone. This feature greatly prolongs the longevity of the oxygen generator as well as saving capital costs. What’s more is that this system can control multiple units, automatically rotate the on/off status of units in order to distribute the total work load evenly; ultimately saving clients fortune for the cost of services and maintenance.  

It is absolutely a great honour to work with the HK AFC department again, and we showed great gratitude to them for believing in Meditech’s novel and patented products; and Meditech will continue to secure the trust. All the best for HK Meditech!