MD Central Monitoring and Control System

MD Central Monitoring and Control System



Data collection and intelligent analysis perfect oxyqen output

Number of running units smartly controlled according to actual oxygen consumption

Any single unit can be set on/off for power saving and better efficiency

Balanced usage of each and every unit maximizes performance and life with minimum service

SELF-PATENTEDMicrocomputer control system

Remote monitoring and control available via smart phone.

Intelligent central controlConcise and interactive interface of touch screenStable and reliable automated control

MD Central Monitoring and Control System



Data acquisition with integrated sensors, Intelligent analysis,constant feedback loop generated within the control system to optimise and stabilise the purity of the oxygen output.Operate the most appropriate number of machines efficiently according to the oxygen demand.

Controlled On/Off cycles to reduce the energy consumption and increase the efficiency.

Ensure that the performance of each equipment is optimized in order to increase the durability of the machines and reduce the frequent service.

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