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All-in-one design.

Optimised internal structure for all the oxygen generating components

Integrated system

High performance

11  Plug and Play

22  Multi-filtration

ALL-IN-ONE Medical  Oxygen GENERATION System 

High performance

Advanced integration

Cutting-edge technology



All-in-one PSA Oxygen Generation System Family

State-of-the-art design, noise control and high performance in oxygen generation are Meditech’s pursuit as always from the very first generation to current all new product.

*First Generation All-in-one Oxygen Generator

* A Series All-in-one Oxygen Generator

*G Series All-in-one Oxygen Generator


Type Oxygen flowrate(m3/h) Oxygen purity(%) Oxygen pressure(MPa) Noise level dB(A) L*W*H(mm) Weight(Kg) Power supply Power(Kw)
A Series
MD-100 3 93±3% 0.45 ≤60 1380*825*1820 500 AC380V 50Hz/AC460V 60Hz 5.5
MD-150 5 520 7.5
MD-200 8 550 11

Features of A series all-in-one smart oxygen generation system

1. A total of 3 utility model patents and 1 appearance patent, 1 software copyright and 1 invention patent have been obtained for the all-in-one oxygen generator.

2. Adopting the air compressor of the world famous brand, with long life, stable performance and guaranteed quality. The excellent global after-sales service is also provided.

3. The oxygen production system is integrated as one single unit and the assembly is not needed. The oxygen can be obtained by simply plugging in the device and turn it on. As a result, the shipping cost, installation time and footprint is reduced.

4. The adsorption tower is made of high quality aluminum alloy, and the inter and outer surface of the vessel is treat by multi-layer anodic oxidation technology, which reduces the weight of the adsorption tower by about 1/3, and has the characteristics of high structural strength and good corrosion resistance.

5. The whole cabinet structure of oxygen generator is concise and elegant in appearance.The overall size is small so that it is easy to be moved to different installation sites.

6. Compared with other oxygen generators that have the same oxygen production volume, the weight of the whole machine is reduced by 30%, the volume is reduced by 30%, and the height is reduced by 50%.Overall, the transportation cost and installation site cost are saved.Construction costs can be reduced by about 30%.

7. During the filling process of the molecular sieve in the adsorption tower, the filling tool which was independently developed by the company has been certified by the state as a new patent, and the molecular sieve has been filled more compactly and evenly.

8. In the adsorption tower, there is a compaction device independently developed and designed by the company, which effectively avoids the mechanical wear and silting of the molecular sieve and increases the service life of the molecular sieve.

9. Using solenoid -air combined control valve to increase the service life of the valve. The effective service life can reach 100,000 times.

10. The new computer control program with independent intellectual property rights, and the LCD control screen have simple, beautiful and comfortable man-machine interface, making operation and maintenance intuitive and fast.

11. Safety design is guaranteed by using high-precision pressure sensor to monitor pressure status in real time, and the acoustic alarm will be activated when pressure exceeds the limit. It also has double safety valve and automatic shutdown function to prevent high pressure.

12. The high-precision oxygen concentration sensor is used to monitor the oxygen concentration status in real time. When the oxygen concentration is too low, the audible and visual alarm will be activated, and the automatic control system will begin to take effect to bring back the purity to normal level.

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