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High concentration

Medical grade

Advanced oxygen technology;

Top quality molecular sieve;

Instant oxygen supply;

Continuous oxygen flow (medical grade; 3LPM or 5LPM)

Ultra quiet

Oil free air compressor brings super silent oxygen concentration

Design of multiple noise reduction optimizes user experience

Convenient wash

Integrated and detachable humidifier bottle makes cleaning so easy


Four-level filtration


1.Filter sponge    2.Filter cartridge    3.Molecular sieve    4.Bacteria filter

Features of HC series home oxygen concentrator:

1. The home oxygen concentrator produces high concentrated oxygen. When the oxygen purity reaches 93± 3%, the flow rate can reach 3Lpm or 5Lpm, as professional medical level.

2. The oxygen concentrator has the advantages of smaller size and lighter weight compared with the like products.

3. The appearance was designed by the Australian professional designers , which is simple, appealing and stylish. The design was applied for the national appearance patent.

4. The smallest domestic 5Lpm oxygen generator adopts integrated adsorption tower to save space.

5. The ultra-low noise below 45 decibels is designed to maximally confirm the user’s comfortable experience by using the design of second-level inlet silencing and third-level exhaust silencing.

6. Imported high-efficiency molecular sieve is used to improve the efficiency of oxygen production.

7. Level-4 purification, filtration and sterilization make the oxygen purer and could be breathed freely.

8. The built-in humidifying cup is beautiful and can be independently removed to clean.

9. The electronic flow meters applied can guarantee the accurate measurement.

10. Microcomputer control program, self-detection function of the machine, and fault alarm function make the operation safer.

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