About Us

Meditech technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the R&D and manufactures high quality PSA oxygen generation systems. Meditech was established in Jinan, China, in June 2003. Meditech is a parent company for numerous subsidiary companies around the world; these companies are locate internationally (USA, Australia, Hong Kong, India and Taiwan and more coming) to form an excellent communication network between all of our departments including marketing, sales, manufacturing, service & repair as well as the R&D.

With over 20 granted national patents, high quality and outstanding user experience of our products can be guaranteed. Our advanced oxygen generation technology and the unique integrated-modular molecular sieve towers had secured our leading reputation in the oxygen generation system national wide. We are sincerely committed to provide cost effective and comprehensive oxygen supply solutions to all levels of individuals, businesses, industrial and military applications.

The production of our company has been widely used in the medical treatments and applications, metallurgical industries, fish farming, ocean farming, vet emergency, plateau oxygen generation, onboard oxygen generation as well as some practical uses in biomedical engineering. Based on our global strategy, Meditech is now collaborating with the world-renowned universities, hospitals, and industries to actively promote the economic and social benefits to the public. Our R&D and maintenance team are comprised of a devoted tech-lover who are some of the most respected professionals in the industry.

We are the leading accredited oxygen generator company with multiple international and local certificates that includes but are not limited to iso13485/iso9001 qualitysystem certification, CE, TGA, GC2, CFDA .

Providing customers with high-quality products and services is always our first priority. Innovation, practicality, excellence -Meditech!